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Summary of YaZi Connections

YaZi Connections is a modern 100% black-owned and 60% black woman owned advertising company, focussed on connecting you to your customers.

Growth is what we do for our clients.

Upliftment is what we do for our communities and family is who we are for our employees.

Advertising and marketing plan must be a “winner.” If the plan does not help management to gain market share, increase sales, lower advertising, and marketing costs or otherwise “win”, the plan is a waste of time.

We are a means to get the message and the products to your customers.

We use digital screens to position your business and your products.

Our physical location was well thought to enable us to deliver in both urban and rural areas while creating employment opportunities for the surrounding communities.

Our advertising platforms and marketing strategy are guaranteed to give you exposure and quantifiable sales into unconventional territories.

YaZi Connections supply display technologies and related products from Boardroom displays, Classroom electronic boards, Malls digital screens advertising to big digital outdoor advertising Billboards.

We keep on adding new models and the latest technologies to make sure that our range is ahead of our competitors.

We are an Online Retail Store with an extensive selection of Desktop Computers, PC Components, Laptops, a Range of Electronics as well as a Large Range Of Peripherals, we have since branched out to offer the same great value and service in other categories bringing you great deals on Home Appliances, The Latest Cutting Edge Televisions, CCTV Security Products, Mobile Phones and Trendy Gadgets all available on one website.